Property Management

Property Management

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Our partnership will be based on shared goals, shared objectives, and a shared vision of excellence. Your expectations are our expectations.

How the The Process Works:


 Our rental applications ask the right questions to help us determine the quality of the applicant. Tenants  must supply current landlord information, employment information, as well as credit references and a history of judgments, if any.


  • Our Leases have been read and approved by an experienced real-estate attorney and are revised regularly with the latest legal terms that affect the tenant-landlord relationship. We tailor the “Rules” portion of the lease to suit the need of your specific property.

  • Leases are thoroughly explained to the tenants before signing. Each paragraph must be initialed by the tenant to display their agreement and understanding of all the lease’s terms.

Condition & Inventory / Move-Out Charges

  • We include a list of possible move-out charges and a condition and inventory worksheet with the lease to prevent disagreements about where the responsibility falls.

  • Providing a list of move-out charges gives the tenants a general guide to the possible deductions they may have to forfeit in lieu of damages or late fees owed.

  • The condition and inventory worksheet is filled out thoroughly with a description of any existing imperfections on walls, carpets, window treatments, etc. We list every detail such as nail holes, carpet stains, broken tiles, etc.

  • The use of these forms provides a much smoother transition between tenants in eliminating questions about security deposit deductions.

Management Agreement & Fees

  • A carefully worded Management Agreement should be signed by both the property manager and property owner to ensure that we are clear on our goals and responsibilities.

  • Owners agree to maintain their properties to meet current habitability and city code requirements.

  • A 10% monthly fee is paid to the property manager from the rent received.

  • Any repairs made will be deducted from the received rent also.

  • A monthly statement is given to the property owner with an itemized list of charges for labor and materials bought for any repairs made to the property.

 Marketing With a Personal Touch! What we can do for you!

  • Full Time Office Staff

  • Military By Owner Posting with Photos

  • Real Estate Information Network (MLS Service)

  • Military Housing Referral on All Bases

  • Advertising to over 50 websites

  • Nationwide Relocation Network (RE/MAX Network)

  • RE/

Rent Collection/Legal Proceedings

  • Five Day Notices

  • Unlawful Detainers

  • Court Proceedings

  • Evictions


  • Monthly Owner's Statement

  • Year End Statement

  • Owner's IRS 1099

  • Bill Payment

  • Direct Bank Deposit of Rent Proceeds

Applicant Screening

  • Full Application Required

  • Credit Report

  • Employment Verification

  • Previous Landlord Reference

  • Income Verification

Property Inspection

  • Written Move-In/Move-Out Inspections

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Repairs Performed By Licensed Contractors

  • Repair Inspections

Tax Benefits

  • Deductible Expenses

 The Bottom Line… Our Service & Contracts Save You Money & Hassle!

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